Are we there yet? No, but you can almost see Oklahoma from here (by Jim Fyles)

Je me remémore avec plaisir ce cours d’Écologie désertique. Une des plus belles expériences de ma vie. Imaginez, trois semaines de camping dans le désert, avec certains des meilleurs professeurs de McGill. Les étudiants de la version 2015 alimenteront ce blog tout au long des prochaines trois semaines.

McGill Desert Ecology 2015

Jim Fyles and Ian Ritchie are already on the road, heading southwest, towing a trailer full of camping and cooking gear, the field library, and the miscellaneous equipment of field science. This is a post from the road by Jim Fyles.

5:47 am.

The trip has started.

The tires make a quiet crunching sound in the gravel at the end of the dark driveway. By the time we are ready to meet the class in Phoenix, those tires will have turned over 1.5 million rotations. We hope that they are up for it.

A perky voice with an English accent pipes up from the dashboard “Keep left on I271 Expressway Lane, continue 3.4 miles then turn right onto I271 South.” Our route finding is in good hands.

The sky In the rear-view mirror comes alive in pink and gold as we thread Cornwall in a sea of trucks. Geese and…

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